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Day 9 - Ghost?

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Oct. 31st, 2006 | 08:52 pm
location: La Peur
mood: Afraid
music: ghosts -system of a down
posted by: a_military_dog in facadelogs

Characters:Ed and if anyone wants to bump into him, feel free.
When: Evening (all hollows eve)
Where: La Peur
Warnings: Might get a bit creepy, but what you expect? Oh and angst. Yup, expect angst. This will not be nice for Ed.
Summary: Edward sees his mother...but wait isn't she dead? No wait, that's not her...

Edward could swear that he he heard screams....no, it was more like wails of terror. He ran onward, his braid bouncing , determined to find the source of the screams. He stopped before a white building. It looked like a church. There. The sound was coming from there.

"Hello?!" he called out. "Hey, do you need help?"

He stepped through and what felt like a wave of nausea instantly slammed into his chest. It was fear. The screams were louder now, and very clear. Curtains obscured his view , so he still couldn't find the source.

Pushing past them, he called out again. "Where are you?! Answer me!"

The curains snagged at him,clinging to him like green shadows, hindering his progress. Apprehension and adrenaline were getting to him more and more with every scream he heard. He tranmutated his auto-mail into a blade and sliced through the curtains.

The center of the room was off damp earth. He might have taken mind of the pit there if not for the person standing before it. Her brown hair was tied in its usual fashion and fell over her shoulder. Her smile reached those benevolent brown eyes.Those eyes had watched him grow up. Edward thought his heart would stop.

"M-mom?"Ed whispered. " Is it really you?"

She smiled at him. "Edward."

Her voice was low and sweet. No one else had that voice.

"Mom...."tears welled up in the boy's eyes. "How?"

Shaking, he took unsteady steps towards her.

"Where is your brother Edward?" his mother whispered.

Ed's eyes widened momentarily. Then he looked away, ashamed. "I'm sorry. I don't know. We got seperated....we...I'm so.."

Suddenly she was right in front of him, her finger on his lips. Her eyes looking right into his. He felt like the emotion was going to kill him.

"My poor child. You must have had a rough time...I know I would feel terrible -"

Ed's eyes grew wider if that were possible. Tricia Elric's form seemed to be changing. Melting way. Into someone like her, but different.

" - if it were my fault that someone I loved were gone. But you know all about that, don't you Edward Elric....you murderer." the new face and voice sneered.

"Sloth....no!" Ed screamed. " Bring her back! Bring my mom back! Why are you here?"

The apparation of the humuculi smiled. "Or what? Will you kill me..her...again?"

"SHUT UP!" the blonde cried, falling to his knees and clutching his head. "Shut up , shut up, SHUT UP!"

Suddenly Edward's body seized , and he felt darkness cloud his vision.

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from: keymasterriku
date: Nov. 3rd, 2006 07:13 pm (UTC)

((OOC: Hey Ed-Mun, There's a few things going on with Riku in another thread that happens the day before. So I don't know if Ed and Riku by now could have a job or what so it's going to be a little on the vague side. But I felt someone should show some love to the Red coated Lab rat.))

Riku glanced down from the top of the Bronze only to see Edward running off (How could he miss that coat?) to one of the churches near by. Now why would he do that? Not trusting this place enough, Riku found a few landings he could use and instead of just going down inside the building like any normal minded human being. He opted to jump down, something not exactly wise in terms of treating his injuries. But then that was Riku for you. But he didn't just go into an automatic run when he hit the ground, not after what he had just did. He slowly walked down towards there trusting that Edward could handle what was going on.

After a while he reached the church only to hear Edward's voice and he didn't sound happy. As he put his first foot on the step of the church a wave of fear gripped him that made him freeze in place. How could that even be possible? It was just a church! But he shook his head and walked into the building blinking at the shift in amounts of light before he finally saw Edward kneeling down on the ground at the center of the church.

He looked around trying to find a clue as to what happened, when a slight breeze touched his arm making him jump. This was ridiculous though! It was just a church! Why would this place inspire such a feeling in him, when there was no one aorund to begin with. Something stole his voice, keeping him from calling out for Edward to see what the matter was. Something that made him feel just completely uncomfortable, like Heartless staring out at him from the darkness of the building. Even though he couldn't see the tell tale signs.
"Edward?" He called out in uncertainty as he got closer to the young man. "Hey are you ok?" He asked his voice on edge, when he could finally kneel down next to the young man.

((OOC: Ok telling you now, if Edward snaps right out of it and looks at Riku. Riku looks very worried and he's stuffed his fear very well. So all you'll see is pure concern, but if he comes out of it slowly when he sees Riku, the guy's got this 'can you *not* do anything right?'. And if you want Riku to carry Edward out just keep him out of it in the next post.))

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