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Day Three -- Rika, Katou, Kira, and possibly Ed

Oct. 21st, 2006 | 10:41 am
mood: curious
music: 【elfen lied // lilium ~saint version~】
posted by: haveaprophecy in facadelogs

Characters: Rika Furude [haveaprophecy], Katou Yue [yeydrugs], Kira Sakuya [heptagonal] and possibly Edward Elric [a_military_dog].
When: Day Three to Four, afternoon.
Where: The Lit de Bronze, Kira and Katou's room.
Warnings: PG-13. Katou's a potty mouth.
Summary: Rika, park-bench girl, needs a place to stay. She turns up on Kira and Katou's doorsteep to see if this place is to her liking.
Log: He seemed like a nice guy...Collapse )

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